John Davis Gallery - Hudson, NY

paintings 2009 & prior

My paintings seek to explore organic structures inherent in nature. Geometric forms, comprised of flattened areas of color, are variously organized by rhythm and interval. These forms delineate the space of the painting, which is stretched and pulled horizontally across a vertically shaped canvas to create tension. Color is limited to mostly primary colors: red, yellow and blue form fundamental color relationships which serve to simplify the structure. The resulting compositions–visually not unlike a musical staff–become a way for the viewer to experience vibration and resonance.

This past summer at the MacDowell Colony, I discovered a new dimension in my painting. At nearby Willard Pond, I observed the reflection of the surrounding land and sky on the water’s smooth and unadulterated surface. But I also imagined innate movement in the Pond’s depths, mirrored above: the water was itself divided and striated by the diverse crosscurrents underneath. Stripes of color characterized this new combination of surface and depth, and embodied new levels of being, arrived at through observation and contemplation. In choosing to work with primary colors, and by using interval to juxtapose their various relationships, I sought in each work to create a singular and vibratory visual rhythm that would resonate internally with the viewer, creating a parallel for my own visceral experience of the Pond’s inner and outer life.

With gratitude and appreciation for the generous support of the MacDowell Colony, who have helped to make this body of work a reality.

Kim Uchiyama January 2008

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